Why An Office App Is Vital For Next-Generation Smart Campuses

A Smart Campus App: Top 6 Value Propositions

Enterprises investing in the foundation for positive and engaging workplaces will be able to connect employees to the workplace, physical spaces, each other, and IoT devices. Here are the benefits cross-functional groups and end users will come across when it comes to their workplace experience.

#2 Consistency Across Locations, Buildings, and Personnel

With people working out of multiple locations, whether at home or on-site, campus apps help provide a degree of consistency. They can also connect several locations like properties workers might travel back and forth between. The processes and protocols remain the same, regardless of location, so it’s easier to move from place to place.

#3 Improved Employee Engagements

Because it’s a central location or application that every employee checks into and uses, the technology offers an excellent way to build and maintain ongoing engagements. Sticky features encourage employees to come back to the app, sometimes even multiple times throughout the day. This approach to communicating with and informing employees creates a positive and helpful corporate culture, that’s about more than just clocking in, doing some work, and clocking out. It becomes more about the interactions, the people, and the systems at play.

#4 On-the-Go Experiences

Contextual and location-aware experiences become possible and viable with the support of a single, unified mobile campus application. Technology can be used to communicate directly with users, thanks to beacons, sensors, and IoT-enabled devices. They can also be used to collect data about experiences and trends across your work site, which better informs future campaigns. If you know users are relying on a particular amenity, you can use extra capital to improve facilities, programs, services etc.

#5 Meeting Management and Daily To-Dos

We’re all busy. We don’t have time to check multiple systems on our phones or desktops or kiosks to see if a room is available or where we need to report to. Integrated into a campus mobile app, meetings become easily viewable and accessible on one central hub and synchronizes meeting room schedules across people and bookable spaces.

#6 Active Monitoring and Real-Time Insights

The smooth ebb and flow of an office are important. Site managers need information on how people are moving about the property, how they walk through doors, what spaces are used and for what purpose, and which work terminals or desks are available at a given time. This goes a long way towards properly and safely managing capacities.

A Smart Campus For the Future of Work

A unified campus app will have the biggest impact on a distributed workforce, which is important considering most operations will have a hybrid setup going forward.

  • Increased transparency
  • Real-time and advanced communications support
  • Smart and automated interactions
  • Active monitoring of the workplace and various facilities
  • A value proposition with a solid return



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